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Dividing Season


Karen Casey Fitzjerrell


    In The Dividing Season, 2013 Epic Award Winner for Best Historical fiction, Karen Casey Fitzjerrell celebrates the redemptive qualities of the human spirit and raises the question:   

       What are you willing to give up in order to calm those

        secret longings that beg for something more?

   Near the end of her life, Nell Miggins decided all her years spent on earth could be divided into two parts, each equally content but separated by a season of bewildering uncertainty and death. She remembered the stinging edge of desperation the day the dividing season began and understood clearly that if it hadn’t been for the Windmiller she’d have lived the last half of her life as a shriveled old fool never knowing the grace and simple joy of just being.

    Her tale begins in 1910 Wishing, Texas when a smelly

buffoon, two professors, and a windmiller - each on a personal quest of one kind or another - cross paths at Nell’s beloved Carrageen Ranch. But she holds to her plan to travel in spite of the chaos and ends up in dire circumstances oceans away from everyone who knows her history.

Forgiving Effie Beck

The story, which takes place in 1930s America, is about the blurred line between right and wrong and what happens when all the “good” people look the other way. 

Mike LeMay, a cynical Federal Writers’ Project interviewer arrives in a small Texas community a few days before the town eccentric, Effie Beck, is reported missing. He learns over the course of the story that the enigmatic, elderly Effie Beck has moved through the lives of the town's populace “like brown smoke.”

What happened to Effie that she’d just walk out of her house and disappear? And what secrets did she take with her?


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Story:   Wisdom and truth brought to light by imagination

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Early comments about The Dividing Season:

    Fitzjerrell’s style is restrained yet poetic, capturing the atmosphere of the scenes she describes. Her characters come to life with those small, intimate details only a practiced eye detects. While Fitzjerrell keeps a tight rein on her prose, the pages are kept turning until the very end.        -Andrea Downing, author of Loveland

    There’s a lot of action and adventure in The Dividing Season, but the true glory of the story is the characters.         - Helen Ginger, author of Angel Sometimes

    Not your typical good ol’ boy Texas novel. The Dividing Season is a must read for anyone who wants to take a peek back in time to see how Texas women coped with adversity.        - John C. Payne, author of the Three and Out Trilogy.

       A stunning story, richly rendered in almost poetic prose.”  

         - Linda Jacobs, WILLA and Spur Finalist, author of The Yellowstone Series of novels.

       “I couldn’t put the book down - a real page turner.”

                                                               Nancy Bell, mystery novelist.

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